A Few Surprises Among NHL’s Top 10 Scorers

Nearing the halfway point of this shortened NHL season, it’s interesting to see the familiar and not so familiar faces that dot the NHL’s scoring leader board. Among the top 10 scorers in the NHL are regulars such as Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos (both currently tied for 1st in scoring with 31 points apiece, Stamkos having played one less game), as well as former no.1 overall pick John Tavares and veterans Henrik Zetterberg and Martin St. Louis. You could even include Thomas Vanek of the Sabres and Patrick Kane as “non-surprises” in the top 10, but to see Chris Kunitz, Jakub Voracuk and Matt Moulson rounding out the league’s leading point getters, well, it’s a bit of a surprise. Given that most of these players are catalysts to succes on their own teams, it’s interesting to see how much Kunitz has benefitted from playing in Pittsburgh alongside Crosby while Moulson has been a perfect compliment to 4th overall scorer, John Tavares. The one standout would be Jake Voracuk. Once a prized prospect of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Voracuk has come into his own playing with Philly phenom, Claude Giroux. Though its unlikely that all of these names, especially those in the bottom 3 spots, will remain among the top 10 in scoring through the year. Either way, the shortened season leaves the door wide open for all kinds of surprises!

Rank — Player —— Team — Pos —- GP —- G —– A —– Pts
1. Steven Stamkos (TBL) C 20 14 17 31
2. Sidney Crosby (PIT) C 21 9 22 31
3. Thomas Vanek (BUF) L 20 12 15 27
4. John Tavares (NYI) C 21 13 12 25
5. Henrik Zetterberg (DET) L 21 6 19 25
6. Martin St Louis (TBL) R 20 5 20 25
7. Patrick Kane (CHI) R 20 10 14 24
8. Chris Kunitz (PIT) L 21 9 15 24
9. Jakub Voracek (PHI) R 22 8 16 24
10. Matt Moulson (NYI) L 21 10 13 23