Hockey Talk: Leafs Fire Burke

With the lockout now starting to get smaller and smaller in our rear view mirrors, it’s now back to what fans love most; hockey talk! And with that, the Toronto Maple Leafs decided to be the first club to make a splash this season as they announced the firing of Brian Burke as their GM. Read more

Training Camps Open Sunday

The NHL is slated to begin a 48 game season starting on January 19th with training camps opening this Sunday. All of which is fantastic news if you’re a hockey fan! With expectations that the NHL schedule will be released this weekend, we should be able to begin providing you with access to the best Read more

Your Daily Dose

The last 48 hours have been a mad rush for the nearly 200 NHL players who were playing overseas to make their way back to North America and their respective NHL terms. For some, like those playing in the AHL or ECHL, the journey won’t be that long, but for others, such as those many Read more

The Lockout is Over! #GameOn!!!

As they say, the best things in life are always worth saving. And with hockey fans across the globe clamouring for the NHL and NHLPA to get a deal done to save the 2012-13 season, the two sides finally complied, coming to an agreement on a new 10 year labour agreement that will get the Read more

A Week to Save the Season

Happy New Year to all you struggling hockey fans out there! We hope that the World Junior Hockey Championship has helped whet your appetite for more hockey to come, though there is yet any certainty that will happen. Nevertheless, the NHL and NHLPA have been back at it, meeting with a mediator and negotiating the Read more

Happy New Year!

Hey folks, we know that now more than ever during this wintry white holiday period that you are missing hockey, but we just wanted to take the time to wish you all the best over this holiday season. While the recent months have not been kind to hockey fans, it hasn’t been easy on us Read more

NHL Hints There May Be Hope Yet

With tensions mounting daily, now more than ever with the NHL and NHLPA en route to a vigorous court battle, it would seem that the urgent reality that both sides desperately need a season this year is finally settling in. Why would we say that, you might ask? The newfound optimism lies in a quick Read more

Mending Torn Egos (…in court)

The NHL and NHLPA have decided to take this emotionally fuelled NHL lockout and, despite 90 days of negotiations and numerous concessions, throw it into the court system. Talks of “decertification” and “disclaimers of interest” have popped up all over the place and, in following in the footsteps of the NBAPA, it would appear the Read more

NHL Cancels Games Through Dec. 30

News has emerged this morning that the NHL will be announcing the cancellation of all games due to be played before New Years Eve. Though they have yet to formally announce these cancellations, it will only be a matter of time. But what does this mean for the NHL? Presumably, the league will also cancel Read more

He Said, She Said…

After NHLPA head Donald Fehr indicated that both sides were rather close to a deal last Thursday night, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman quickly and vehemently denies the idea that both sides were within reach of a deal. In what was more of a tantrum and a venting session, Bettman decried the NHLPA’s statements, claiming it Read more

On the verge of a Solution?

The non-traditional bargaining groups put forth by the NHL and NHLPA have been making headway in a fashion that previous gatherings have failed to do. The groups, 18 players representing the NHLPA and 6 owners representing the NHL, went late into the night last night discussing new proposals designed to end this 80+ day stalemate. Read more

Cautiously Optimistic on Day 80 of NHL Lockout…

The NHL & NHLPA met for 8 hours yesterday afternoon without their lead representatives, Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr. The result? Cautious optimism! With a total of 18 players, including superstars Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews, the NHLPA met with 6 NHL owners, including chairman of the board of governors and Boston Bruins owners, Jeremy Read more

Will Owners Own Up To Lockout?

Tomorrow, the NHL and NHLPA will be meeting without their respective leaders as Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr have agreed to step aside for threat round of lockout discussions. After an unsuccessful run with mediators last week, one has to wonder if this isn’t the last logical step before hope for a season fades away? Read more

NHL Season Slowly Slipping to 2013

The NHL announced that they have cancelled games through December 14th, as well as the NHL All Star game and all All Star related weekend festivities. Though it is always a tough blow for fans to see another batch of games cancelled, the fact that they haven’t outright cancelled the season, plus the fact that Read more