On the verge of a Solution?

The non-traditional bargaining groups put forth by the NHL and NHLPA have been making headway in a fashion that previous gatherings have failed to do. The groups, 18 players representing the NHLPA and 6 owners representing the NHL, went late into the night last night discussing new proposals designed to end this 80+ day stalemate. Read more

Cautiously Optimistic on Day 80 of NHL Lockout…

The NHL & NHLPA met for 8 hours yesterday afternoon without their lead representatives, Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr. The result? Cautious optimism! With a total of 18 players, including superstars Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews, the NHLPA met with 6 NHL owners, including chairman of the board of governors and Boston Bruins owners, Jeremy Read more

NHL Season Slowly Slipping to 2013

The NHL announced that they have cancelled games through December 14th, as well as the NHL All Star game and all All Star related weekend festivities. Though it is always a tough blow for fans to see another batch of games cancelled, the fact that they haven’t outright cancelled the season, plus the fact that Read more