The Rookies are Alright

One thing the new, shortened NHL season has brought us is an influx of impact rookies. With another youth movement afoot in the NHL, it should be interesting to see how these fresh new faces fare through the 48 game season. Despite the questions about endurance, it has been very impressive to watch the likes Read more

Time for a Little Giveaway…

With the game back on, it was only going to be a matter of time before we began working with our partners to bring you some fun contests. After all, we here at are all about putting you in seats, so what better way than through a ticket giveaway! Beginning last night(Jan.27) and running Read more

Scoring, Goaltending and Big Hits

With the first week of NHL action consuming fans at a ravenous pace, it’s amazing to note the skill, action and intensity that was missing during the lockout. Though the first few games of the season have shown the rust that a four month lockout can cause, it has reminded us of the incredible plays Read more

Upside Down and Right-Side Up

The best part about the end of the lockout wasn’t that hockey was coming back, it was more about the season that hockey was coming back to. By nearly halving the regular season, the NHL has opened up the door wide to the possibility that anything can happen. There is no time to mess around Read more

Shootouts Will Make the Difference

If you think about, the only other thing in the last 8 years to get NHL fans’ blood boiling, aside from lockouts, of course, has been the implementation of the shootout. Initiated following the 2004-05 lockout to bring an element of automatic excitement for fans, the shootout has caused nothing but headaches for most players, Read more

48 Games in 84 Days

The reduced post-lockout NHL schedule has kicked in and with all 30 teams having at least played 1 game apiece, perspective on just how crazy this mini season will be is only now starting to sink in. With a schedule that will demand teams to play one game every 1.75 days, this is far more Read more

Season Starts, Players Show Their Rust…

The NHL opened its shortened season yesterday afternoon beginning with the reigning Stanley Cup champion, LA Kings, raising their first Stanley Cup banner to the rafters of the Staples Center. And while many in Los Angeles were excited for the acknowledgement of the franchises first Cup victory in 40 years of existence, the Kings just Read more

OPENING NIGHT: Hockey is Here!

It is finally upon us, NHL opening night. It may have taken a whole lot longer than we all wanted to get here, but, finally, after all the mess of the lockout fades in the rear view mirror, we get to move ahead with the chase for the Stanley Cup! Beginning tonight, Saturday, January 19, Read more

Excitement Building…

The air is becoming more electric by the day as 30 NHL arenas prep for the first game action that most buildings haven’t seen in nearly 8 months. With teams starting their “give-backs” to the fans with open house scrimmages last night, many fans were out in force to get the fix of hockey. Though Read more

Will the Offense Run Wild?

Over the last summer, many changes were made as players switched jerseys in a fervent effort to make sure they had a team to call their own before the lockout put an end to the musical chairs that Free Agency has become. The good news is that, thanks to the end of the lockout, we’ll Read more

No Puckin’ Around

With a very intense shortened season set to kick off only days away, NHL teams and players are ramping up the energy with each passing day. The results? The Capitals had a near double-scare as 1st liners Alex Ovechkin and Marcus Johansson ran into each other at full speed. Fortunately, both seemed to be ok. Read more

Training Camps Open – Fans Welcome

NHL training camps officially opened on Sunday and with them has come a big welcome mat for fans. After all the hardship the lockout caused, players and teams were eager to open their doors to their loyal fans, giving them what they have long been waiting for. It’s been especially difficult on the fans and Read more

Opening Night Schedule & Tickets on Sale

Saturday January 19 is opening night in the NHL. Click on the following links to get your tickets for any of the 14 opening night tilts: Pittsburgh Penguins @ Philadelphia Flyers >>> Ottawa Senators @ Winnipeg Jets >>> Chicago Blackhawks @ Los Angeles Kings >>> New York Rangers @ Boston Bruins >>> Toronto Maple Leafs Read more

Schedule Launch this Weekend

With the NHLPA currently conducting their ratification vote on the newly established CBA, a vote which should be completed by Saturday morning, it is looking more and more certain that the NHL will announce its schedule for a 48 game 2013 season on Sunday. Though they could always publish it earlier, it would seem that Read more

Hockey Talk: Leafs Fire Burke

With the lockout now starting to get smaller and smaller in our rear view mirrors, it’s now back to what fans love most; hockey talk! And with that, the Toronto Maple Leafs decided to be the first club to make a splash this season as they announced the firing of Brian Burke as their GM. Read more

Training Camps Open Sunday

The NHL is slated to begin a 48 game season starting on January 19th with training camps opening this Sunday. All of which is fantastic news if you’re a hockey fan! With expectations that the NHL schedule will be released this weekend, we should be able to begin providing you with access to the best Read more

Your Daily Dose

The last 48 hours have been a mad rush for the nearly 200 NHL players who were playing overseas to make their way back to North America and their respective NHL terms. For some, like those playing in the AHL or ECHL, the journey won’t be that long, but for others, such as those many Read more

The Lockout is Over! #GameOn!!!

As they say, the best things in life are always worth saving. And with hockey fans across the globe clamouring for the NHL and NHLPA to get a deal done to save the 2012-13 season, the two sides finally complied, coming to an agreement on a new 10 year labour agreement that will get the Read more

A Week to Save the Season

Happy New Year to all you struggling hockey fans out there! We hope that the World Junior Hockey Championship has helped whet your appetite for more hockey to come, though there is yet any certainty that will happen. Nevertheless, the NHL and NHLPA have been back at it, meeting with a mediator and negotiating the Read more

Happy New Year!

Hey folks, we know that now more than ever during this wintry white holiday period that you are missing hockey, but we just wanted to take the time to wish you all the best over this holiday season. While the recent months have not been kind to hockey fans, it hasn’t been easy on us Read more