Hockey Day In America – Growing the Game

If there is one thing that the 2004-05 lockout yielded, it was better coverage for the game of hockey. Especially in the United States. With the exponential growth of social media, the NHL embarked on a great journey to begin interacting and growing their fan base. From failures in Atlanta to success on Nashville, the bumps in the road have nothing but reassuring pats on the back that the league continue its push. Now, having gone through yet another lockout, though this time one that has brought forth a 10 year peace agreement, the hope is that the NHL can and will take the next step in building a truly solid foundation of hockey fans across the country. In building off a similar coast-to-coast love of the game, as it is in Canada, Hockey Day in America, is a great opportunity to showcase the fastest game on the planet! Enjoy today, with games from noon to midnight across the States, it’s sure to be a hockey love-in, Stars ‘n Stripes style.