Hockey Talk: Leafs Fire Burke

With the lockout now starting to get smaller and smaller in our rear view mirrors, it’s now back to what fans love most; hockey talk! And with that, the Toronto Maple Leafs decided to be the first club to make a splash this season as they announced the firing of Brian Burke as their GM. Replacing Burke will be the man he brought on board in Vancouver and then again in Toronto, Dave Nonis. The decision by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment new owners, Bell & Rogers, is a perplexing one as they have rocked the boat only 10 days before the start of the regular season. Despite the odd timing, the Leafs were destined for a new direction once the new owners took over, so the hope for all Leaf fans now is that the new ownership will finally find the guy who will get them back into the playoffs. Time will tell, but although this was a decision that “must be made,” it may have been better off being made at the end of this shortened campaign. Either way, we will find out soon if they Leafs made the right decision?