Mending Torn Egos (…in court)

The NHL and NHLPA have decided to take this emotionally fuelled NHL lockout and, despite 90 days of negotiations and numerous concessions, throw it into the court system. Talks of “decertification” and “disclaimers of interest” have popped up all over the place and, in following in the footsteps of the NBAPA, it would appear the NHLPA is laying all its cards on the table by going the legal route. It’s a deadly two-way street once in court as the decisions could reverse the way we view professional sports in North America. Should the NHLPA find a way to ‘break’ the cap system currently employed in pro sports, there is a good chance that not only will the NHL have to rethink how they do business, but so too would the NFL and NBA. This lockout has now taken on an air uncertainty we haven’t experienced yet. And while we all await a hopeful resolution, the one thing we can count on is that, eventually, the courts will provide an answer for us. Whether it will be good for the fans, or not, remains to be seen though…we’ll keep you posted though!