More CBA Talks = Positive

After taking a week off from hard negotiations, the NHL and NHLPA will supposedly be getting back to the drawing board today as they reconvene for more CBA talks.

Excitement has slowly become muted over the past few weeks as both sides have truly hmmm’d and haw’d over minute details which seem to be blurring the big picture. And while the slow ball has been bad for the game in general, the one thing we can’t say is that things haven’t progressed.

Given the minimal gap between both sides, financially – that is, it seems that there is reason to believe a deal can be struck. Yet when you add in the differing opinions on how to handle contracting rights, things become a bit clearer as to why both sides have taken so long to push these talks forward.

We don’t know who will be the first to blink, or who will be the one to step in and save the day with a previously unthought of way out of this mess, but we do hope – like all you hockey fans out there – that they resolve their issues sooner than later.

Hang in there hockey fans, we’re with you!