NHL Cancels Games Through Dec. 30

News has emerged this morning that the NHL will be announcing the cancellation of all games due to be played before New Years Eve. Though they have yet to formally announce these cancellations, it will only be a matter of time.

But what does this mean for the NHL?

Presumably, the league will also cancel the chunk of games between Dec. 31 and Jan. 14, as – at this point – with so much work to be in order to get a deal done and the fact that, if a season is to happen, teams and players will still need to have training camp…not to mention the need to sign all those unsigned players!

Beyond the negative news, there is discussion that the NHL and NHLPA will be speaking again this week in hopes of ironing out the emotional dents they put into the CBA discussions. And while Gary Bettman has cancelled Christmas for hockey fans, we can only hope that there will be presents under the tree on Dec. 25th in the form of a signed deal.

Call us optimists, if you will, but the truth is that we simply don’t want to give up hope as fans. Bring back the game already!