On the verge of a Solution?

The non-traditional bargaining groups put forth by the NHL and NHLPA have been making headway in a fashion that previous gatherings have failed to do.

The groups, 18 players representing the NHLPA and 6 owners representing the NHL, went late into the night last night discussing new proposals designed to end this 80+ day stalemate.

With Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr out of the picture, the traction that has been gained in the last 72 hours actually has even the most pessimistic media members thinking a solution may be on the horizon.

If possible, an end to th current lockout would allow for a regular season of between 55 and 60 games, with the sweet spot being a 56 game season that would see each team play every team in their Conference 4 times.

The sides are back at work again today and, if they can continue to iron out previously unsolved issues, hockey fans may just get the best gift of all for Christmas, NHL hockey!