Mending Torn Egos (…in court)

The NHL and NHLPA have decided to take this emotionally fuelled NHL lockout and, despite 90 days of negotiations and numerous concessions, throw it into the court system. Talks of “decertification” and “disclaimers of interest” have popped up all over the place and, in following in the footsteps of the NBAPA, it would appear the Read more

Radulov Returns, Does Nashville Become Cup Favorite?

Top Highlight of the Weekend: “Sidney Crosby Returns and sets up Evgeni Malkin for a beautiful one-timer!” Radulov’s Return News out of Russia suggests that former Nashville Predator, Alex Radulov, has been released by his KHL team and will be allowed to join the Predators immediately. Returning in time for the NHL playoffs and adding Read more