The Playoff Picture

The shortened NHL season is well past the midway point and now closing in on the finish as the playoffs loom on the horizon. But before the post-season tees up the intensity, there is the trade deadline and that final regular season push for the final playoff spots. In the Eastern Conference, the Pittsburgh Penguins, Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins have set themselves apart as the leaders of the pack, though the race to round out the remaining 5 playoff spots is far from concluded as the Sens, Leafs, Rangers, Flyers, Capitals, Jets and Hurricanes are all within reach of one another. In the West, the Chicago Blackhawks and Anaheim Ducks have flown ahead of the pack, scooping up the top two spots in the Western Confernece, leaving plenty of maneuvering for the remaining 13 teams, most of which are still within reach of legitimately making the playoffs. With the clock ticking down to an April 3rd trade deadline, things are only starting to heat up!