Thunder Hawks

It’s become such a phenomenon that Lebron James of the Miami Heat, who have been on quite a tear themselves – winning 15 straight – sent his regards over twitter to the Chicago Blackhawks for their surreal unbeaten streak of 24 games, 30 if you count back to the end of the last regular season. With 21 wins and a point in the 3 games they did not win, the Chicago Blackhawks are now 21 points clear of the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference. As a matter of fact, with 45 points in 24 games, the Hawks are 10 points ahead of the 2nd place Anaheim Ducks. And while the team has ridden this streak to what is now a seemingly guaranteed playoff spot, the most impressive thing is that they’ve done it as a team. With Patrick Kane leading the Hawks in scoring, it’s not like he’s done it alone. With 9 players posting 10 or more points, the Blackhawks have been been getting it done by committee, poignantly noted as Daniel Carcillo scored the game winning goal in the dying seconds of last night’s 21st win. Being his first goal of the year for Carcillo, the point has been made that this team is verging on being unstoppable. The biggest question of all is now, who will be the first team to beat the Chicago Blackhawks?!