Training Camps Open – Fans Welcome

NHL training camps officially opened on Sunday and with them has come a big welcome mat for fans. After all the hardship the lockout caused, players and teams were eager to open their doors to their loyal fans, giving them what they have long been waiting for. It’s been especially difficult on the fans and that is why having open sessions for the fans to enjoy training camp is an important part of the healing process. Every team is welcoming fans in any way possible and are actually reaching out to fans to know how they can make their hockey experience better. Given that hockey is back and that teams are looking to please fans, do yourself a favour and get out to training camp. Catch your favourite team or player in action and enjoy. Hockey is back and it’s time to enjoy it! If you’re looking to make the most out of your experience, reach out to your team and let them know, they’ll be happy to oblige in any way they can.