Who Can Beat the Blackhawks?

Chicago started of the season hot. But so did the Canucks, the Devils, the Bruins, the Canadiens, the Lightning and a couple more teams. Yet, while the rest of the teams have more or less cooled, the Blackhawks sit atop the NHL 25% of the way through the season, having yet to lose a game in regulation. With a record of 10-0-2, Chicago is nearly out scoring opponents by a margin of 2-1 through twelve games, but the most amazing part about the Hawks early season charge to the top of the standings is that they have played 8 of their first 12 games on the road, winning them all. With a perfect road record of 8-0 and only 16 games left to be played away from Chicago’s United Center, they are only 4 wins away from guaranteeing a .500 record on the road…with 36 games left to play in the season! It’s come down to captain, Jonathan Toews, and Cup-hero, Partick Kane. The two stars that led the Blackhawks to their most recent championship are back at it again, and if goaltender Corey Crawford continues his torrid play, don’t be shocked if the Blackhawks find themselves challenging for their second Cup in the last four years!