Your Daily Dose

The last 48 hours have been a mad rush for the nearly 200 NHL players who were playing overseas to make their way back to North America and their respective NHL terms. For some, like those playing in the AHL or ECHL, the journey won’t be that long, but for others, such as those many players who were skating in Europe and Russia, the trip back may take a larger toll. Regardless of how travel arrangements are affecting players these days, the bottom line is that all of them seem to be returning, despite the threats that were made during the lockout. And that’s a good thing as the fans do not need to be put through any more drama, all they need is the pure clean enjoyment that hockey will bring. Even if it’s a shortened season. The CBA is due to be ratified in the next coming days and once that officially occurs, teams will not only commence a mini version of training camp, but a temporary window of free agency will open up as many teams still need to fill out their roster and many players still need to find homes. Check back tomorrow as we delve into who those free agents are and where they might land. Happy Hockey,