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General information

  • What is What does a ticketing broker do? is a ticketing broker whose website allows hockey fans across North America find the best hockey tickets for an NHL match and allow professional ticket resellers to find customers. Our business is the resale of tickets.
  • Why should I buy my tickets with instead of another website?
    At, we wish to facilitate the purchase of your hockey tickets. That’s why we have made our website accessible and comprehensible for our customers. We have built our website in order for you to be able to plan, share, shop and organize the event you wish to attend in the most efficient way. We constantly upgrade and invest in the functionality of our website and the information posted on it in order for your visit to be enjoyable and concise. When buying tickets from, our customers can rest assured that the information they provide will be kept confidential and secure from start to finish. All tickets made available for purchase on are provided by professional resellers which we have thoroughly enquired to ensure the tickets our customers are buying are 100% authentic. At, we value your trust. This is why we are committed to making your visit on our website a pleasant and worry-free one. We are dedicated to offering competitive prices, best choice in tickets and reliable customer service. We invite all our customers to send us their comments and constructive suggestions to and let us know what you thought of your purchasing experience.
  • What is the 100% guarantee?
    Our customers trust is our priority and we are proud to offer a 100% guarantee on all tickets. vows to make the buying process easy and hassle-free, but also safe and secure. Our 100% guarantee ensures our customers full purchase protection and privacy guarantee. Our Guarantee covers the following areas:

    We ensure that the tickets sold through are authentic and valid. We understand that counterfeit tickets are a worry for customers so we, at, guarantee 100% all buyers that the tickets sold, whether it is by resellers or regular fans, are genuine, authentic, and accurate.

    Delivery Time
    We guarantee that your tickets will arrive in time for the event. Our paper tickets are shipped with express couriers, and our eTickets are printable at home almost immediately.

    Event Cancellation
    In the case of a cancelled event where the event for which you purchased tickets for is cancelled (without being rescheduled), will refund the value of the tickets, no questions asked.

    Secure Transaction
    All the personal information provided by customers during the buying process is being kept 100% safe and secure. ensures you that none of this information will ever be handed over to a third party. Our commitment to safeguarding your personal information is paramount to our business.

  • Is my personal information kept secure and confidential on
    At we make it a priority that all customer information is kept confidential and secure.
    We commit ourselves to never make available to a third party the information given by our customers on our website. The information provided will be kept confidential at all times and will only be used to complete the transaction as efficiently and as quickly as possible. All information given on our website is encrypted with SSL technology. also holds a certificate attesting the legitimacy of our commercial operations.
  • Where do I pick-up the tickets I bought?
    Get your tickets through pickup, delivery, or email bar code.
  • How does get tickets for events which are said to be sold-out? operates in the resale of tickets. We rely on a wide web of professional resellers across North America to be able to offer to our customers a variety of tickets for different events. This is why ticket prices are sometimes above the original asking price, because of their rarity and quality. A high demand for a specific event can drive the price up as for another event the demand is not so great.On the other side, tickets come from many different resellers. Sometimes, it is possible to obtain better tickets at a lower price. This is why we recommend to our customers to thoroughly research our site before deciding on tickets they wish to purchase.
  • Will I get an invoice after I complete my transaction?
    Yes. Once your transaction is complete an electronic invoice will be sent to you by email. An invoice of your transaction will also be included with your tickets in the mail.

Reimbursement and exchange policy

  • Can I cancel a transaction once it has been completed?
    Our general purchasing terms and conditions stipulate that all sales on are final. Only when the event is cancelled without being rescheduled will the tickets be fully reimbursed less shipping fees.
  • Will I be reimbursed if an event is cancelled, postponed or rescheduled?
    For many different reasons, an event can be cancelled. In the eventuality this should happen, will fully reimburse its customers less the shipping fees. Tickets for an event which is postponed or rescheduled will not be reimbursed nor will we offer reimbursement for an event you are unable to attend. As our purchasing terms and conditions stipulate, all sales are final.

Seating Information

  • How come doesn’t provide information on seat numbers?
    Keeping the confidentiality of our customers and resellers is fundamental to us. This is why we do not provide the seat numbers of your tickets until the purchase is complete. However, we are on some occasions able to contact our resellers in order to confirm the exact seat numbers for our customers wishing to obtain this information before completing their purchase.
  • Are tickets purchased automatically seated next to one another?
    Since tickets are only sold in pairs, all seats are generally next to one another (unless indicated differently on the ticket description). Keep in mind that most venues use seating arrangements working with even or uneven number sequence. If the tickets are not seated next to one another, a note will always be enclosed in the ticket description saying so.
  • What are “piggy-back” seats?
    If the ticket description indicates “piggy-back�? seat, it means tickets are seated one in front of the other in different aisles and not next to one another in the same aisle. It rarely happens that the tickets we offer are “piggy-back” seats, although a note specifying this is always included in the ticket description.
  • Why are tickets only sold in pairs?
    Resellers don’t usually allow tickets to be sold by the unit by fear of ending up with a single ticket they are unable to sell. As well, rare are the people who attend events alone. In some cases, resellers will allow a sale for an uneven number of tickets, all depending on how many tickets they have left for sale. Please contact us for enquiries regarding this matter at 1-800-684-8994 or
  • I can’t seem to find my seats on the venue seating chart
    Each venue as its own way of naming different sections of their seating chart. At we do our best so that our customers can have a good general idea of where the tickets are seated. If our venue seating charts don’t seem to make it clear enough for you as to where the tickets are seated, please contact us at 1-800-684-8994 or at and we will verify the exact seating of your tickets for you.
  • What happens if my tickets are stolen or lost? is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. We recommend to our customers to keep their tickets safe as if it was money or any other valuable personal item. Our terms and conditions of purchase stipulate that any stolen or lost ticket will not be reimbursed or replaced. It is possible to try and get them reprinted although we do not guarantee anything in this regard. Once the tickets are bought and delivered, they become entirely the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Starting when do the tickets get announced?
    Tickets are up for sale on our website as soon as one of our resellers can confirm they are available for purchase.
    Generally, we can pre-order tickets before they go on sale. In this case, the option “pre-order your tickets�? will be made available on the event notice.
    After which, you are invited to fill-out a form with your contact information in order for us to send you an email notification before the tickets go on sale. You will therefore benefit from buyer priority on the best tickets available.
  • I can’t seem to find the tickets I had previously seen on your website. How come?
    The most common reason for this usually is that the tickets you had seen have been sold.
    Nonetheless, it is possible we have pulled the tickets from the website because game time is nearing the present date. Because of our 100% guarantee, we cannot offer tickets on our website if we cannot guarantee delivery will be made on-time for the game.In this case, we invite you to contact us to see if tickets are still available for the game you wish to see and if you are able to come and pick them up at our offices in Montreal.
  • Can I pre-order tickets before they go on sale? cannot guarantee tickets before they are officially put on sale.
    Nevertheless, you can register for our exclusive buyer priority by clicking on “Pre-order your tickets�?. You will then be notified by email of the date and time the exclusive pre-sale will start. This will give you exclusive access to buying tickets before they are made available on our public website.
  • I can’t seem to find the game for which I want tickets. How come? What can I do?
    If you are using the search bar to find tickets for a specific event, please make sure your spelling is correct.
    Still, if nothing is coming up you can use the tool menu at the top of the page on the left-hand side and search by arena or team. All NHL teams and arenas on the Bettman Circuit are featured. It can happen that demand for the tickets you are looking to purchase is not sufficient, therefore they are not made available on our website. If this should be the case, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Pricing policy

  • How is the price of tickets determined? How does ticketing brokerage work? operates in the resale market of tickets. Therefore, the price of tickets is often higher then the original asking price. In the total price of tickets, the asking price for the tickets by the reseller is included. acts as the medium between the customer and the reseller. This is why we want to remind our customers that it is the resellers who determine the price of tickets and not
    The resale market of tickets means tickets are sold at a different price then the original one. Many factors can affect the price of tickets over time such as demand and date in time.
  • Is the price indicated for one ticket or for the total amount of my purchase?
    All prices on represent the cost of one ticket. For example, if you are purchasing a ticket priced at $50, the total amount of your purchase will be $200 (taxes and shipping fees not included).
  • Does include service fees in the sale? If so, how is that amount determined?
    All prices on include service fees. Our clients can rest assure these services fees are calculate only to cover the cost associated with operating and developing the infrastructure put to our customers use in order for them to benefit from the best service we can provide them for the purchase of their tickets. Services fees are determined by many factors, part of which is determined by the demand for the events and the price of tickets. Services fees are also used to confirm our sources used for the resale of tickets in order for us to be able to guarantee the authenticity of tickets and to make sure our customers receive their purchase on time for the event. On top of offering excellent customer service and low prices for tickets, we remain available for our customers by offering phone assistance at 1-800-684-8994. This way our customers can enjoy a worry-free purchasing experience. If you find the tickets you are looking for at a better price with one of our competitors, we invite you to contact us. We will do our best to level or better beat it their price.
  • I have just received my purchase confirmation. Has my credit card been charged?
    As soon as we received the confirmation of your purchase we authorized the credit card to be charged. At that moment, your tickets are officially reserved and a purchase confirmation is sent to you by email. Once the purchase has been confirmed and the credit card has been charged our customers start benefiting from the 100% guarantee to receive their tickets in time for the event.
  • Will the price of tickets go down as the event date gets closer?
    Is some case, the price of tickets goes up and in others it goes down. It the business of ticket resale, one can never predict price fluctuations. We recommend our customers to buy their tickets as soon as they can. When buying your tickets early you actually assure yourself to attend the event, independently of how the market flows.
  • Are discounts offered on the price of tickets if I buy many at once?
    Unfortunately, no. Prices are determined by individual resellers and cannot be negotiated, no matter how many tickets you buy in one transaction.
  • Is it possible to buy tickets without a credit card?
    It is impossible to buy tickets from without a credit card. If the tickets remain available, you can always pay for them by cash or debit card by coming to our Montreal offices. Please take note no tickets will be reserved by phone without a valid credit card.


  • Which delivery services does use?
    All purchases on are sent via ExpressPost or FedEx with signature proof of delivery required for all shipping.
    Please keep in mind we do not deliver to P.O. boxes and that a signature proof is required on delivery. Also, keep in mind the delivery date is determined by the moment tickets are made available by our resellers. However, our customer can always count on the 100% Guarantee to receive their purchase on time for the event. Delivery will only be made at the address given for the credit card and no other place.
  • When can I expect to receive my tickets?
    At we guarantee you will receive your tickets on time for the event. offers its customers the choice in the delivery mode. Although, these choices are determined by the date the tickets are made available for delivery and not the date of purchase. It can happen that our resellers do not currently have possession of the tickets as it is often the case with season tickets waiting to be printed by the team or the ticket office.
    Once the tickets are printed and ready for shipping, we will send you a shipment tracking number for FedEx or ExpressPost (all depends on the delivery mode you will have chosen). This will allow you to follow your purchase step by step as it makes its way over to you.
    If time allowed for the delivery is too short before the event, customers can make arrangements to come and pick up their tickets at our offices in Montreal. The time allowed for delivery by FedEx depends on the level of service offered in the region. Please take note some ticket orders can take up to 1 or 2 business days before being treated. Clients can login to their account at all time to verify the status of their order.
  • I want my tickets delivered at my workplace or somewhere else. Is that possible?
    To avoid credit card fraud, we will only deliver the tickets at the address given for the credit card used.
  • What happens if I am not there when FedEx or ExpressPost come to deliver my tickets?

    1) ExpressPost
    If you are not present at the time ExpressPost comes to deliver your tickets they will leave a notification card in your mailbox. From that moment on, you will have 5 to 7 days to go to the indicated post office on the notification card to go and pickup your package. You can always use the tracking number we have provided you with to locate your package if you have lost the notification card left by ExpressPost.
    When picking up your package at the post office you will be asked to provide a photo identification card.
    If you do not pick-up your package at the post office within the allow time, it will be resent to An additional fee of $20 will be charge if we have to re-send the tickets to the customer.

    2) FedEx
    FedEx will make two delivery attempts. In each case, a signature proof of delivery by an adult will be requested by to insured tickets are in the right hands. FedEx will not complete the delivery of the package if an adult is not present to signature proof the delivery. If you or another adult are not able to be present at the time of delivery, please contact FedEx by dialling 1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339) to make arrangements directly with them. Please have your tracking number at hand. After two failed delivery attempts by FedEx, a notification card will be left in your mailbox. You will then have to go to the FedEx office written on the notification card holding your package in order to pick it up. When picking up your package you will be asked to provide a photo identification card. After a certain laps of time, if the package is not picked-up FedEx will return it to An additional fee of $25 will be charge if we have to re-send the tickets to the customer.

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